A Cheap Source for the Wonder Drug

I caved in and finally looked to buy Viagra in Australia online after a long struggle with erectile dysfunction. I started having problems fairly early in life, much earlier than most men have to worry about such a condition, and by the time I hit middle age it became very difficult to maintain a healthy erection. Needless to say, this caused some chaos within my marriage even though my wife understood that I had a genetic condition that caused this terrible situation. I began looking for a natural cure because I don’t like taking pharmaceutical drugs if I can avoid them.

I found some herbs that really worked well for me. Read More »

Pain and Numbness in Both Arms Was Getting Worse

I had a strange thing going on with my upper back. I would lose the feeling in my hands depending on how I positioned myself when I stood, but it was worse when seated. It was the same feeling you get if you would lay on your arm while sleeping. My hands would go numb as far as sensory perception, but they would hurt and feel tingly inside. My doctor was not really any help, so I went to a chiropractor in Valley Village to see if I could get some relief. It never fully went away, but it got a whole lot worse when my posture was bad or I sat in a chair improperly. Read More »

Get a Massage and Feel Young Again

A chiropractor in Salinas CA helped me shake off years of depression and I must say I feel like I did when I was a teenager and had very few cares in the world. It’s not surprising I started suffering from bouts of depression, though. I’ve had a rough ten years. When I lost my very well paying job back in the financial crisis of 2008, I thought I’d be out of work for a few months and then get back on my feet. A job search that I thought would take a few months ended up taking several years.

Moreover, I lost both my mother and father during this time period. To further complicate matters my sister came down with cancer and only beat it after a lot of treatments. Read More »