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Doctor Joins Comprehensive Alternative Medicine Center

LifeWorks Wellness Center announces the addition of Dr. Dean Silver, a board certified specialist in internal medicine and cardiology who will be a new doctor on the LifeWorks medical team. Adding Dr. Silvers expertise in many different alternative and complementary modalities, including anti-aging medicine, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and natural hormone replacement, helps LifeWorks remain one of the most advanced, cutting-edge alternative health care clinics in the country.
Clearwater, FL August 2, 2004 — LifeWorks Wellness Center announces the addition of Dr. Dean Silver, a board certified specialist in internal medicine and cardiology who will be a new doctor on the LifeWorks medical team. Adding Dr. Silvers expertise in many different alternative and complementary modalities, including anti-aging medicine, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and natural hormone replacement, helps LifeWorks remain one of the most advanced, cutting-edge alternative health care clinics in the country.

Patients arrive from all over the country to benefit from LifeWorks comprehensive set of powerful diagnostic tools and therapies. The comprehensive grouping of therapies removes the hassle patients often have of running around from clinic to clinic, or of being referred or sent from one place to another, sometimes with contradictory philosophies and advice.

At LifeWorks, patients are able to received integrated care in one place. The fundamental strategy for treating illness at LifeWorks is to correct all body systems that are not functioning or which are performing poorly. As the bodys systems are all brought into optimal condition, the body can naturally heal itself. Dr. Silver oversees all the different modalities/therapies and coordinates them effectively for optimal treatment.

One of the many diagnostic tools available at LifeWorks is Genetic Testing. This diagnostic examines your DNA to see if any poor health genes have the possibility of expressing themselves later on, perhaps leading to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or some other illness. Then using specific physiological, biochemical, and environmental treatments and strategies, Dr. Silver helps patients avoid the illness.

Dr. Silver is particularly interested in taking on tough cases, and those unsolvable health problems that patients have been unable to remedy elsewhere. His many successes in this area have made him highly regarded in both conventional and alternative medical fields.

After earning his doctorate in medicine from the Temple University School of Medicine, Dr. Silver completed an internship and residency in internal medicine at Albert Einstein Medical Center. He also completed a fellowship in cardiology at the Deborah Heart and Lung Center.

Dr. Silver has received further training in Anti-Aging and Nutritional Medicine, Complementary Cancer Therapy and Insulin Potentiation Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, detoxification, Chelation Therapy, Hormone Balance, Thermographic Imaging, and much more.

Agent Characters – HOWTO Produce Masses of Buyer Recommendations from a Individual Marketing Page

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Why Is Alternative Medicine A Rewarding Career Option

With the ever-increasing cost and undesirable side effects of the conventional Western method of medicine, we have witnessed a constantly increasing interest in alternative medicine system. While there is an alternative medicine school in almost every part of the world now, aspiring alternative medicine practitioners are still doubtful about this as a prospective career option. However, contrary to the standard notion, alternative medicine actually has much scope now as an effective career. The speed at which each new alternative medicine school is opening now is itself an indication of the future scope of this career.

The career you take up will depend on the level of education you obtained from your alternative medicine school. If you are business minded, you may get into selling herbal remedies, dietary supplements, and various other holistic products. If you belong to an agricultural background, you may get involved in cultivation of herbs. You will definitely have a never failing career as a massage therapist, as so many spas and gyms that are sprouting everywhere need the same. Even standard acupuncture clinics and Ayurveda centers are more interested in people who are licensed practitioners from some alternative medicine school rather than those with knowledge only and no degree.

If you take up alternative medicine as a career option, not only will your career be very financially rewarding, but your cost of education from an alternative medicine school will be very minimal as well. An alternative medicine schools gives you the provision of distance learning, whereby you can obtain your degree online, studying and researching in your own surroundings. This is particularly beneficial for students who want to study from a different country. You will not have to attend regular classes at an alternative medicine school, you can obtain your degree online wherever you are, and your graduation will be very speedy as well.

One country where alternative medicine has become a very flourishing and promising career option is India. India is the land where many traditional alternative medicine therapies like Ayurveda, Unani, and Yoga originated. Even today, most rural areas in India have alternative medicine in the form of traditional knowledge as the only form of treatment in their areas. In a developing country like India, where so many alternative medicine therapies have been practiced for years, this career is of enormous scope for it is not only very cost effective but also has no harmful side effects.

There are abundant alternative medicine schools in India offering degrees and diplomas in many alternative medicine courses. Students qualified from alternative medicine schools in India are getting employment in treatment centers, hospitals, training centers, resorts, spas and so on. And with the introduction of distance learning, many foreign students who acquire degrees online from the alternative medicine schools in India, are also being able to get various job opportunities in their respective countries.

Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Advances

Whether you’re a fan of NCAA football or the pros, football season is in full swing. Watching a wide receiver’s one-handed circus catch, a quarterback’s fluid throwing motion or a running back’s power as he carries defenders across the goal line is enough to make these athletes appear super-human. Sports medicine specialists know the stresses these athletes put on their bodies, though, and as the season progresses, more than a few top players will be sidelined due to injury.

Advances in sports medicine have allowed athletes to spend less time recuperating and more time on the field. Minimally invasive surgery to correct a damaged ACL or shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum can save a player’s career. The orthopedic doctor who operated on Drew Brees’ injured shoulder and the team that helped Adrian Peterson come back from a catastrophic knee injury could attest to the amazing strides in sports medicine. The procedures that put an athlete back on the field and in Pro Bowl form aren’t just for professional players; they also help restore greater mobility and improve quality of life for anyone who has bone or joint damage.

Boise, Idaho, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert G. Hansen specializes in procedures involving the upper extremities, including carpal tunnel syndrome procedures and shoulder surgery. The arm and hand surgeon has seen how similar some sports injuries are to workplace or household injuries. “If you suffer a rotator cuff injury from a fall from a ladder when cleaning your gutters or finding inventory on a high shelf, it’s little different from one you might get on the gridiron,” he says. “Many of the orthopedic surgical techniques we use today were first developed as part of sports medicine, including minimally invasive surgery with its shorter recovery periods.”

Athletes who retire often feel the years of hard-hitting play they enjoyed in their early careers, Dr. Hansen notes. Knee surgery is common among athletes even during their active careers, and when they leave the sport, many seek knee replacement. “Joint replacement surgery is an option for athletes who have sustained chronic joint damage and for people with joint disorders such as osteoarthritis that limit mobility,” the orthopedic specialist George Nicola, MD says. In Idaho, hip replacement surgery candidates have a variety of options from resurfacing to full joint replacement.

Sporting events have entertained millions, but the science behind sports medicine has enriched lives in deeper ways. Increased mobility, decreased pain and greater range of motion are the direct result of surgeons seeking ways to extend the careers of athletes in their prime.

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Basic Components Of Entry

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How to Produce a Resume to get a Faculty Program

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Comprehending And Learning MMA

Comprehending and learning MMA methods will possibly not only help you to attain diverse self-defense techniques to safeguard on your own in problematic situations, just practising these combative skills you will also be able to to accomplish significantly better health and a good body.
Mixed martial arts of MMA include a number of fighting competencies such simply because Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, Sambo, pugilism, plus struggling.

Every one of struggling capabilities plus procedures happen to be being put to use by way of defense force and also demanding martial artists regarding self defense as age ranges in addition to these arguing skills bring both shielding and attacking purposes.
Surely have a best harmless inside their human being and personal belongings, and everybody is usually granted the correct involving self-defense. Seeing that you already have read, MMA is the top-quality martial arts structure.

It simply is a follower of which the tactics that produce for great martial artists at the same time make for protected people. FIGHTING has also been been shown to be a lot more effective than other martial martial arts, so think of how Combined Martial Artist could very well conduct forsomeone on a condition that will requests for self-defense. MMA, and particularly BJJ, own always stressed the CERTAINTY involving fight.

Dealing with along with self-defense happen to be unsightly stuff that frequently lack the actual finesse of an Jackie Chan flick. There’s no difference in between fighting together with self-defense, simply the purposes of the very people required differ. That does not mean that will such thinggs as function switch many of a good sudden in an effort to give the main ‘defender’ the greater possibility of success. Should not fooled through claims for ‘pressure points’ or tips to ‘kick him on the balls, gouge his view out as well as run. ‘ Not simply is the item virtually difficult in order to implement these kind of approaches, though the real human body is resiliant in comparison with most martial arts training theories give the body credit standing for.
Together with MMA tactics you definitely will achieve self-belief together with maturity which will transport through towards some other sides of from your work.

All of these ability involve extreme physical aerobic workouts and just practising these activities prove for you to be really beneficial pertaining to your well being. So, exercising many or possibly most of of MIXED MARTIAL ART skills in addition to techniques correctly with romance will support you so that you can achieve a new better technique, greater sel-esteem and your significantly better style.

Confidence in addition to maturity include the first guidelines to avoiding conflicts and also situations that might otherwise necessitate the use of force, and the fact that is the best weapon you should use to secure on your own.
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Steps to Publishing an Academic Research Proposal

Another essential cause concerning why composing American popular tradition established documents might be fascinating is that not only does this amaze the readers, but it additionally provides the writer a little of the fire too. Perhaps it’s a reflection of teenagers generally. It really is a vital text within the naturel versus nurture debate collectively with issues involving family, adolescence, gender, social norms and approaches. Read More »