How to Compose an Inquiry Letter

PowerShell is really a scripting tool that allows Windows directors to perform a considerably larger array such as VBScript, of jobs than scripting languages that are additional. If you should be not old to PowerShell, the syntax of the vocabulary may seem confusing initially. But by using the extensive aid system built-in for the PowerShell demand atmosphere, you will rapidly master the fundamentals. Things You Will Need A computer with Microsoft XP or higher. Recommendations By pressing the Window brand key begin Notepad + R on your own keyboard, then "notepad" into the "Function…" click and industry "Enter." Sort the following signal to the document that is notepad: "." $colItems = get -wmiobject -type "Win32 Process" -namespace "rootCIMV2" -computername $strComputer foreach ($objItem in $colItems) write-host $objItem.Caption Create-number $objItem.ExecutablePath write-host $objItem.ProcessID Save the file as "D:ListProcessInfo.ps1." Open PowerShell by pushing the Windows Key + R on your keyboard writing "powershell" and demanding on the "Enter" key. Sort "C:listprocessinfo.ps1" and media "Enter" to implement the script.