Get a Massage and Feel Young Again

A chiropractor in Salinas CA helped me shake off years of depression and I must say I feel like I did when I was a teenager and had very few cares in the world. It’s not surprising I started suffering from bouts of depression, though. I’ve had a rough ten years. When I lost my very well paying job back in the financial crisis of 2008, I thought I’d be out of work for a few months and then get back on my feet. A job search that I thought would take a few months ended up taking several years.

Moreover, I lost both my mother and father during this time period. To further complicate matters my sister came down with cancer and only beat it after a lot of treatments. I couldn’t believe the amount of bad news that just kept pouring in, and I thought for sure I wasn’t going to make it through all of these bad situation. I tried pharmaceutical prescriptions for depression and had some success, but none of them got rid of the problem for long. A friend who went through a similar bout of depression mentioned how massage helped get him out his funk.

I looked into it and noticed a chiropractor nearby did massages as a matter of treatment for a host of problems. Why not try it and see if it works? I had nothing to lose and figured that at least it would feel good to get one. I went in for an appointment and explained my predicament and they signed me up for several massages over the course of a few months. I can say that it has helped beyond all my expectations. I can’t say how it works, just that I feel better and have less worries. I also have a better outlook on life.