Pain and Numbness in Both Arms Was Getting Worse

I had a strange thing going on with my upper back. I would lose the feeling in my hands depending on how I positioned myself when I stood, but it was worse when seated. It was the same feeling you get if you would lay on your arm while sleeping. My hands would go numb as far as sensory perception, but they would hurt and feel tingly inside. My doctor was not really any help, so I went to a chiropractor in Valley Village to see if I could get some relief. It never fully went away, but it got a whole lot worse when my posture was bad or I sat in a chair improperly.

I had heard of thoracic outlet syndrome, but I could make this worse just by changing my position. It was getting a lot worse. I was painting the interior of a house, and I would now lose feeling when painting with a brush is I held my arm up over my head. I had to hold it at a certain angle, but it would be almost instant. It was scaring me, and it was very uncomfortable. When it started to happen while I was sleeping in bed, I got really concerned. I would wake up with both arms numb and hurting. My upper back hurt all of the time. Movement would help loosen it up, but it still hurt. Just sitting around for a day would increase the pain exponentially.

The chiropractor in Valley Village helped me with the immediate discomfort and pain, and then helped me build the right muscles to improve my posture for this to go away and not come back. I finally started to get some relief from the pain it was causing. It was slowing me down in my daily life, and I needed to be able to work faster to earn a living.